Download Google Chrome Standalone Installer

| December 31, 2011

Google Chrome web browser is gradually becoming most popular these days due to its un-complicated user friendly interface, simplicity, speed and ease of use. Recently, Google has used intensive marketing strategies to promote the web browser and this is reason why it has become really popular in a short time period.

Occasionally you may tends to get curious about which is the most updated web browser? According to the statistics released on W3 schools, Internet Explorer is used 25.8 %, Mozilla Firefox is used 42.2%, Chrome is used 25.0%, safari is used 4.0% and Opera is used by 2.5 %. Of all these, Chrome is the newest one and its still holds 25 % of usage around the world. Therefore, it can be stated that Google has came through good in promoting its web browser.

Alternate Google Chrome installer

This web browser can be downloaded from its prescribed location, but it gives you a small online installer of approximately 500 kb, which successively will download the web browser from its server and install it. Some of the times trouble is confronted by this technique and one may even go wrong in installing it. So what now ? Substantially, here is a traditional way to download the Google Chrome offline installation (standalone installer). Just click on a link below to download.

Offline installer of Google Chrome can be downloaded from here.

Go to this link and if you do not prefer to make Google Chrome as your default web browser, then uncheck that box. At last click on Accept and Install button. This will download the offline setup. Save it to your Computer and then open it to run the installation procedure and conform to onscreen commands.

This standalone installation technique is really helpful just in case you fail installing by other (online installer) method or if the personal computer in which you’re installing does not have internet connection at the moment.


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