Siri on iOS 5 by Spire Installer

| December 27, 2011

Got an iPhone? Want Siri on it? Yes you can! even if you have iPhone 3Gs. Spire installer brings Siri for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPads and iPods and all those apple devices which are compatible with iOS 5.

A few weeks back, Steven Troughton-Smith and Ryan Petrich came up with the release of Spire, a one of a kind of an installer which allows Apple users running iOS 5 on their devices. The installer allows users to download and install the famous Siri introduced by Apple exclusively through Apple iPhone 4s. The crack and jailbreak by Steven and Ryan  is been kind of claimed on papers as a legal act and therefore the installer is available on the internet.

The Spire installer takes a total of 100 Mb on each Apple device and once it is installed, it automatically contacts the Apple center of back end support and Siri downloading. It also installs the Cydia and then functions normally as other iPhone OS do. So get your Spire Installer now and download Siri on your Apple device.


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