Angry Birds Seasons – Latest Update Wreck the Halls

| December 22, 2011

Angry Birds Seasons is one of the most addictive games these days. With it regular seasonal updates, Angry Birds Seasons is the most likeable of all angry birds versions.

The game producing company, Rovio is all set to release the latest update of Angry Birds Seasons at the eve of Christmas and New Year.

The latest update named “Wreck the Halls” is most likely to hit the app stores before December 31, more incisively during Christmas. So, we are all set to experience a brand-new episode for Angry Birds Seasons. The update is called “Wreck the Halls”, the theme, as said above will be evidently Christmas related. If you’re speculative about from where did these pictures come from, they look very similar to those from the game centre.

Details of Wreck the Halls:

  • Rovio hasn’t confirmed any official update as yet, so the exact launch date is still unknown.
  • They may adopt the same “one level per day” strategy in this update as well.
  • Even the name could change, because this leak image could very well be for testing and nothing else.

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