Android 4.0.3 Announced by Google

| December 21, 2011

Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, isn’t a myth any longer – it’s been released with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and, according to rumors and some official announcements, is soon coming to many other Android phones, particularly to the most high-end Samsung phones.

This major update, which, as Google has mentioned for many times, is something between the smartphone (Gingerbread) and tablet (Honeycomb) versions of Android, comes with lots of improvements and changes, the most obvious of which is the redesign of the UI.

Of course, Ice Cream Sandwich was great and it won the hearts of most Android fans, but it had a couple of bugs and shortcomings anyway, so soon after its release Google rolled out a minor update to Android 4.0.2 and fixing some bugs and software problems.

However, Google didn’t stop there and has recently announced the next update – Android 4.0.3. It brings in a number of improvements, including camera updates (now the camera apps are able to manage video stabilization and use QVGA profiles), calendar improvements (you can now add different colors to the events in your calendar – it will make it much easier to track the interesting events), API, graphics, spell-checking (!), Bluetooth, database and many other improvements and fixes.

You can read more about all the improvements implemented in Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich here.

Unfortunately, we have no idea about when the new Android update will be released and to which smartphones is will come. We can only guess that the Galaxy Nexus will most likely be one of the first phones to get the update along with some other Samsung smartphones. Then the update will most likely head to the most famous and powerful Android-based HTC, Motorola and LG phones.



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