Facebook Timeline

| December 19, 2011

Connecting with the world has been personified by Facebook, yet again, as they rolled out a new profile feature; Facebook Timeline. The timeline is attempt by Facebook to let your whole life be available for the world to view.

Recently, Facebook introduced a new profile feature by the name of Facebook timeline, as the name suggests itself, it displays all your activities, photo updates and your statuses in the form of a timeline, month wise. As of now, there are mixed reviews about the new feature, however Facebook plans to keep this feature optional for a while.

There are news that timeline feature on each Facebook profile will be made mandatory after the testing and initial results have been obtained. Facebook gives a user a time of 7 days before their timeline is published. This to some extent caters the privacy factor, as users get to see who can see what on their profile through timeline.

The most notable feature of Facebook timeline is the cover picture at the top of each Facebook profile on timeline. It does create an impact in a sense that it sums up your entire profile with one image. But critics argue that with addition of such feature, what purpose does the profile picture or display picture serve then?

There are mixed reviews seen by users using the timeline on their Facebook profiles, some rate as another privacy issue while others are quite satisfied letting out their entire life history to the world.


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