Nikon CoolPix S9100

| December 6, 2011

Specialist in imaging and optics Nikon is a long-familiar multinational corporation. It is renowned because of its contributions to field of optics and photography. They have introduced various series of video, digital compact cameras. The Nikon Coolpix is a series of point and shoot cameras launched by Nikon. This article mainly focuses on single member of this series…the Nikon Coolpix s9100!

Nikon s9100 does not differ much from its predecessor s8100 in design and weight. Something that is noticeably different about this new model is that the lens has been shifted closer to left. This thing is actually quite compact and very easy to handle as it easily fits into a small purse or even a jacket pocket. S9100 is a well-designed camera with responsive controls. The click-round wheel on the back also allows you to whorl through the options and menus. Considering its unproblematic button layout, simple menus and automatic mode selection it has made taking pictures a hell lot easier and is also “one of the easiest cameras to use” in the market right now.

Nikon CoolPix S9100

This gadget lacks the major manual controls. But the automatic focus control, automated mode selection and Subject Tracking autofocus mode make you forget about those controls. You can move the camera’s focus point to off-center areas using ‘Manual’ autofocus that adds a pro touch to your shots. The Subject Tracking autofocus mode comes in handy while continuously tracking the movement of target especially in sports. This feature works by allowing you to choose the target as the focus point in this way camera holds focus of that object even if it leaves the frame for a short moment.

S9100 comes with another handy feature that is its USB charge terminal. It means that you can charge the camera while the battery is still inside it but if you are using a backup battery you will have to get an external battery charger. The 3-inch, 921,000 pixel LCD screen is also a nice touch and is one of the most advance screens available. The image quality is quite impressive when the there is sufficient light but it performs fairly well in near-dark environments. Image appears to be a bit grainy when the light starts to fade. D-lighting and Quick Retouch are two marvelous post-shot editing tools that improve the image quality once a picture has been captured. These features simply brighten up a shot and sharpen the contrast.

Controls of the camera are pretty responsive. It takes literally not more than a second or two to start up. This camera does not hold you back for long, within 2 to 3 seconds you are ready to take photos. The performance of this camera matches the current market standards when shooting in lo light. In burst mode s9100 can take five shots at 9.5 fps which is pretty good.

Nikon’s products are appreciated due to their ease of use. Keeping in mind the consumer’s demand Nikon provided them with something easy to handle and operate. Three sliders Hue, Vividness and Brightness appear on the screen when the Exposure button is pressed these three options allow us to adjust the brightness, saturation, color and exposure. These days, compact cameras come fully equipped with various pictures modes and options so does Nikon Coolpix s9100. There is a complete list of modes to choose from for instance panoramic mode, HDR mode creative effects such as black and white, sepia, negative and also a portrait mode that simply enhances the quality of your subject’s skin.

Nikon CoolPix S9100

The panoramic mode is very easy to use you just press the shutter button and sweep across a scene and the rest is done by the camera. S9100 also gives you the option to create either 180-degree or 360-degree panoramas. Such features enhance the creativity of amateurs. Another amusing feature is ‘Selective color’ option that lets you highlight a specific color in a shot while sucking all the other colors out.

‘High key’ and ‘Low key’ simply boost and dampen the colors of a shot respectively. High-contrast monochrome effect gives newsprint like look to an image. Unfortunately, these features are only applicable in still image mode.

Nikon Coolpix s9100 inherited the same 12.1 megapixel 1/2.3-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor from s8100, so its image and video quality does not differ much from that of s8100. S9100 pleases with its performance in both good and low light. With an 18x wide-angle lens s9100 manages to focus and capture objects in a vast range conveniently. This combination of a super zoom lens with a compact design is pretty impressive. The results are pretty much the same when it comes to video quality. S9100 records 1080 HD video in .MOV container.

Nikon Coolpix s9100 is a rare beast that hardly ever takes a bad photo if you are looking for a gadget that easily fits into a pocket, gives high quality results and is perfect for both novices and professionals then s9100 is one of the best options.



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