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| December 5, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook with 24% shares of the company under his belt. He is also the youngest billionaire of Earth. Well, whenever we login into the Facebook account, the Facebook main page say “It is free, and always will be”.

Facebook and Money

Facebook certainly charges nothing for membership and use so how is it generating such massive revenue, that it has made the owner a billionaire in mere seven years.

The answer to this dilemma is that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg earns through advertising. Yes, Advertising is the giant that has mad Mark a billionaire. There are more than 1 trillion Ads on Facebook and this figure is even bigger that the Yahoo! Ads figure. Facebook has beaten the other software companies again.

Another question which arises in our minds is that what is the impact of Advertising on Facebook? Is it effective? What has triggers so many companies which post thousands of Ads of Facebook?

Well, the answer is that Yes, Advertising of Facebook is very very effective and beneficial. Companies have earned a lot of unique visitors by the Advertisement campaign on Facebook.

Mark is Rich!

According to a survey in 2010, 1100 thousand Ad campaigns were analyzed and it was seen that majority of the companies have done has as well as they have done without the campaign.

Some figures for the increase in revenue of the specific categories is:

  • Media and Entertainment (0.154%)
  • E-commerce (0.89%)
  • Travel (0.86%)
  • Automotive (o.82%)
  • Nonprofits (0.77%)
  • Start ups (0.74%)
  • Cosmetics (0.072%)
  • Retailer (0.70%)
  • Restaurants (0.66%)

As Facebook is a very strong social network and the recommendation and words of the friends are taken seriously. So, there is a long lasting chain of clicks and talk about the Ads. This increases the chances of an Ad being viewed.

So if you are thinking about advertising, Facebook is the right thing.



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