Mark Twain’s Birthday

| December 4, 2011

Google celebrated Mart Twain’s  176th birthday with a festive doodle which appeared on its homepage.

The doodle was a screen length long picture, which were actually 3 pictures in a sequence. This is actually a pictorial version of an event in the famous book by Twain , “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.  I remember the story. Tom was a mischievous boy; his aunt wanted him to paint the fence. The work was tiresome, and he had to complete it. There was a boy playing nearby, Tom had an idea. He pretended as if he is having a lot of fun doing the work. And the boy fell in his trap. He innocently bribed Tom for letting him paint the fence. Tom got an apple and the boy did the work. So Tom got the apple as well as the work done. He was mischievous indeed!

The doodle depicts the same story in a Googlish style. The start of the picture shows Tom painting with a bucket of paint an offering the joy of painting to a fellow. The second part shows that the boy has done hard work. He has also painted the Google Logo on the fence, very clever! And Tom is having an Apple in his hand. The final part of the picture says that the innocent boy is tired of work, is lying down for rest while Tom is fresh, the paint bucket is empty and the Apple is eaten. This is the end of the story in a Google version.

Google helps us remember the long gone people; we might just forget them otherwise.



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