Top 10 Logos of All Times

| December 3, 2011

In the digital and global world, the logo for a company is as important as the taste for a dish. Logo is the first thing that meets the consumer, it might make a good impression and the user might want to avail the company’s service, or it might just make the matters sour. That is why logos are taken seriously in corporate world and specialists are hired to create effective logos. Lets see the top 10 logos that almost anyone can name.

1.       Coca Cola

  The Coca Cola Logo is one of the best logos in the world. It is not a symbol but a complete word. The color, the font makes it look very classy yet accessible. So the logo defines what the company and product is; classy and accessible! It was created by Frank Robinson in 1885.




2.       Alfa Romeo Logo

The Logo is very colorful and hence daring. It is still very stylish; the choice of the colors is extraordinary. Every stroke of the logo compliments the entire picture. The logo sports the name of the company. It was designed by Romano Cattaneo in 1910.

Alfa Romeo


3.       IBM Logo

The Logo for IBM speaks, it says “IBM” and it says technology as well. It is very serious, nothing funny, it is very professional, nothing funky. It is just like IBM. The horizontal lines add a lot to the looks of the logo. It was designed by Paul Rand in 1972.


4. Apple Logo 

Apple logo is the face of technology. The logo looks very stylish with a bitten side. In the start, the logo had rainbow colored streaks. But now it is plain silver logo. The metallic look of the Apple products is transferred in the logo. It looks extremely stylish. It was designed by Rob Janoff in 1976.


5.       FedEx Logo

The Logo is neat and clean and very serious. It looks very professional. The company manages logistics efficiently and punctually, the logo reflects that. The logo has a little secret, most people fail to notice, it has a small arrow between “E” and “x”. That is interesting. It was made by Lendor Leader in 1994.




6.       Ford Logo

The logo of Ford is classy, funky and very attractive. The cars are also classy and expensive. The royal blue color gives it a very sophisticated look. The font is curvy and interesting. It was designed in early 20th century by Childe Harold Wills.


7.       Mc Donald’s Logo

The Logo of Mc Donald’s is funky like children and casual like fast food. It reminds me of French Fries, maybe because of the color. It is an attention seeker. It was constructer by Jim Schindler in 1962.


8.       Wikipedia Logo

The Wikipedia Logo says so many things. The logo is a globe the same way Wikipedia is global. The puzzle tiles on the globe have letters of different languages scribbled on it. It is just the depiction of different cultures and ethnic groups. The color is metallic which signifies professionalism. It is one of the most amazing logos I have ever seen. It was made in 2003 by Paul Stansifer.

9.       Facebook Logo

The logo of Facebook is simple and easy as is the social website. It is white writing of “facebook” with a dark blue background. The combination is very attractive. It was designed by Andrew McCollum in the initial days of Facebook.


10.   CNN Logo

The CNN logo is very well thought. The white lines and rounded corners of the logo give it a “3D ” effect. The continuity in the logo is interesting.



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