The child Apps developer Thomas Saurez

| December 3, 2011

The world of technology is fascinated to see a child creating Apps. Yes, Thomas Saurez is a 6th grader and the youngest iPhone Apps developer till date.

Thomas has always been inspired by technology and gadgets. All his life he fancied the digital world and as soon as he could do it, he became the part of it. At a very young age, he started to learn programming languages like JAVA and C on his own.  He learnt them to get the basic concepts of programming.

The Brilliant Thomas Saurez

When Apple released its software development kit, Thomas started to make Apps for iPhone. He released his very first App when he was eleven, in 2010. This was the Earth Fortune, the color of the earth changes according to one’s fortune. This was the milestone in Thomas’s life. After that there was no stopping for the shining kid.

His Apps “Bustin Bieber” is selling like hot cakes. It is a whack a hole kind of game. Thomas created it because many guys around the school don’t like Justin Bieber.

Thomas now owns a company which has 4 Apps for iPhones. Two of the Apps are free, the other two are of $ 0.99 each. The company is called CarrotCorp. The future of the company seems to be bright!

Thomas says that if young kids want to do something about technology, there is no suitable place of learning. That is the reason he opened a club in his school with the collaboration of his teachers. In this club he shares his knowledge about programming with the other young minds. The club also plans to make educational Apps and make them available for the students for free.

Thomas says he is immensely inspired by Steve Jobs and his site also gives him a tribute. Moreover he says that his success was only possible with the help of his parents. He wants to become a professional Apps developer and wants to make Apps for Android as well.

He is definitely a bright kid!


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