The Windows Vista Experience

| November 28, 2011

On 22nd July, 2005, Microsoft announced an operating system known as Windows Vista. Its codename, which was used before its announcement, was Longhorn. On 8th November 2006, the development of the operating system was completed and then during the next three months it was released for hardware and software manufacturers and also for retail channels. Finally on 30th January 2007, it was released worldwide. It is now available for purchase and is also downloadable from Microsoft’s website. It was released five years after the release of Windows XP and was succeeded by Windows 7 which was released worldwide on 22nd October 2009.

Windows Vista came with many new and improved features, specially an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed aero. It also includes improved search function and multimedia tools like Windows DVD maker. Windows Vista allows the software developers to write applications without having to use Windows APIs.

Windows Vista was launched with a basic aim of improving security in the Windows operating system. Before the release of Windows Vista, the common complaints from the users were related to security issues as its predecessors were easily vulnerable to viruses etc. These complaints forced the Microsoft owner, Bill Gates to improve state of security in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista also had to face some criticism as it is non-compatible with some hardware and software that were released before Vista. Windows Vista also has some strict license terms and high system requirements.

Work on Windows Vista was started in May 2001which was well before even the release of Windows XP. Initially Windows Vista was scheduled to be launched somewhere late in 2003 but due to increased security issues related to Windows operating systems, the date kept pushing. The company wanted to remove and solve all security issues in its new operating system and for this reason they used a new development technology in Vista which was known as Security Development Lifecycle. It was written in C, C++ and Assembly language.

Windows Vista

New and Improved Features

Microsoft introduced many new features in Vista which were not a part of its predecessors.

  • Windows Aero

Microsoft wanted to provide a cleaner and improved graphical user interface for its users so they introduced Windows Aero in Windows Vista which includes live thumbnails, icons, animations etc. However, laptop users have reported that enabling Aero shortens the battery life of their laptops.

  • Windows Shell

The Windows shell of Vista has also been improved. Firstly the start menu has changed. You don’t have to see the expanding boxes on placing the cursor over any program. Windows task pane has also gone and the task options are now shifted to the task bar. A “favorite links”  pane has also been added.

  • Instant Search

The search feature in Windows Vista has also been improved. Instant search provides a much faster search than any of the Windows previous releases.

  • Windows Sidebar

This is a new feature which actually is a sidebar where users can place desktop gadgets if they want to.

  • Windows Internet Explorer7

This is a new user interface provide with a search box, page zoom option, quick tabs and specially added security features

  • Windows Media Player 11

This is a Microsoft’s program for listening music and watching videos. The improved Media Player has fast search option, new and attractive GUI, photo display and it also has the ability to share music and videos with other machines having Windows Vista installed on them.

  • Backup and Restore Centre

This is a very useful application especially for business users. It can create backups of files which are updated also each time when changes are made into the original files. Another big advantage of the application is that it can provide the facility to create a complete backup of a PC on a hard disk or DVD.

  • Windows Mail

This is a replacement for Outlook Express. It features instant search and also has the ability of filtering junk mail.

  • Windows Calendar

A calendar is also present in the system.

Windows Vista

  • Windows Photo Gallery

It is an application that can manage pictures and videos. With the help of this application, user can adjust the color and exposure of the pictures and it can also burn the pictures to DVD.

  • Windows DVD Maker

It is a very useful application that allows the users to create a DVD and also give title, sound effects and zoom effects on pictures.

  • Windows Media Centre

Media Centre was also included in a special edition of Windows XP under the name of Windows XP Media Centre Edition.

  • Games

In Windows Vista, such games are included which show its increased graphical capabilities. Games included in Vista are Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans and Purble Place.

  • Windows Mobility Centre

It is a control panel that allows the user to control things like brightness level, sound, battery, screen orientation, wireless network etc.

  • Windows Meeting Space

This allows users to share files and other data with other users on the local network or through the internet using peer-to-peer technology.

  • Shadow Copy     

Windows Vista has inherited this application from Windows Server 2003. Using this, backup copies of files and folders are created automatically.

  • Windows Update

By activating Windows Update drivers are installed automatically when a new device is added. It works as a control panel instead of a web application.

  • Parental Controls

This is really very useful and attractive application especially for parents of young kids. It allows the admin to control which websites and programs are accessible by each user.

  • Speech Recognition

In Windows Vista, speech recognition works for every accessible application. It supports many languages including British and American English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

  • Problems Reports and Solutions

This is a panel that allows the user to view the problems that have occurred previously and also provides solutions available.

  • Fonts

New fonts have been introduced in Vista.

  • Audio Controls

Improved audio controls allow the users to control volume quality of individual devices like headphones. New functionalities like bass management and room correction have also been provided.

Windows Vista was released with the intention of introducing a technology-based and secure operating system and both of these aims were achieved as Vista features improved audio, video, print and networking subsystems.


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