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| November 28, 2011

Facebook craze is on and The Sims Social is one of the high-rated facebook applications which is played widely by the people. It was launched on facebook in the year 2011 and in a really short span of time it has become quite famous. In the game, the players can interact with each other through their sims which are characters and can also develop likes and dislikes for each other or develop relations which are then posted on the walls of the players.


The Sims Social


This is a video game developed by Playfish and EA for facebook. In the game, the Sims or characters live in a fictional town which is named as Littlehaven. The developers are also working for its mobile application which will soon be available, like Farmville, on the Smartphones.

Sims can make many different kinds of relationships with each others like friends, loved ones, enemies, inseparable, best friends forever and arch-enemies. Creating different types of relationships allow different kinds of interactions. For example, being enemies enable interactions like kicking trashcans, fighting with the enemy Sim or slapping them.

Players can also select the personality traits like geek, villain, socialite, rocker, introvert, tycoon, athlete and romantic. Once a trait is selected it is a bit difficult to change as it costs 50 SimCash. This game has been designed in 2D graphics. The interface is simplified which makes it easier for the users to play the game.

First of all, the players have to create a Sim. They can customize the name, gender, complexion, dress, hairstyle, hair-color, eye-brows, eyes-color, nose, mouth and accessories. Changing the gender afterwards costs 10 Sims Cash. The personality, once selected, defines the types of action that a Sim can perform.

There are four skills in the games namely art, cooking, music and writing. Sims can develop these skills. If a higher level is achieved in a skill, then the Sim can get access to new objects. These skills are developed when a Sim interacts with an art object like computer or easel, music object like a guitar, cooking object like a microwave or writing object like a typewriter or a computer.

The Sims Social

There are nine traits for Sims which is buyable for Lifetime points. The traits available are slob, super mechanic, neat, insane, steel bladder , ogre, great kisser, ninja and night owl. As the level of trait is upgraded, it becomes more prominent and useful in the Sim’s lifestyle. For example at the level one of ninja, player can walk really fast but when level 5 is reached, it can even teleport from one place to another. Likewise at the level one of the insane trait, the Sim has the ability to talk to plants thus reducing the need to interact with other Sims. But at level 5 it can even talk to itself and thus can sav energy.

Sims cannot die but they have needs that have to be fulfilled. These needs are social, hunger, fun, bladder, hygiene and sleep. If all the needs are fulfilled on time or when the player is in a good mood, the Sim becomes inspired. This is really useful as inspired Sims earn more Simolions (the Sims currency).

There are three kinds of currencies in the game including the Simoleons, SimsCash and the Social Points. The most basic currency is the Simoleons. The players can buy different items with these currencies. Sims can earn by performing different tasks. But playing the game for 5 consecutive days also award the Sims 10 SimCash. At the start of the game Sims are provided with 20 SimCash. They can earn social points by interacting with other Sims.

Players can send and receive gifts from their friends who play the Sims Social. Players have an option to form one out of three relations which are friends, enemies or romance with their neighbor Sim. Each relationship defines the types of interactions and also the tasks that one Sim can perform at the other’s house.

Players can also become crafty by crafting different potions that can perform different tasks. For example a fun potion increase the fun level while a bad mood potion puts the Sim in a bad mood thus emptying all the Sim’s needs. Items can be crafted by going to the crafting section. Specific ingredients are needed to craft each potion.

The Sims Social is loved by the people. It gained over 16 million players during its first week of release. It has even left behind Farmville and now it is the second most widely played game on facebook.


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