What is Skype and how to use it?

| November 26, 2011

The present era is an era of technology and advancement. There has been a great deal of progress in the field of science over the past few decades. And this progress has changed our lives in a way that is astounding. Means of communication, for instance have been revolutionized. Ever since the introduction of Skype it seems like the world has shrunk. You can talk to your loved ones for hours (without spending a penny) which was not possible a decade or two ago. Thanks to Skype.


Being administered by Microsoft, Skype is a software application that lets you make free calls and chat on the internet. It has more than 662 million registered users and the number is growing day by day. Let us have a look at the main features that this marvelous software offers. This article not only focuses on how to use Skype but also point outs the advantages and ways in which Skype benefits us.

The very first step to getting started with Skype is to download it. It is easily available on many websites and is free of cost. After downloading and installing it you need to create an account. For that you have to provide your basic information such as name, e-mail id, password, country, region, date of birth, language, gender. After creating an account you are all set to use Skype.

Apps in Skype

Now that you have an account next thing you need to do is to import or add contacts to this account. Every Skype user has his/her unique Skype name. You can send request to your friends or can accept the requests sent by your friends to add them in your contacts list. Once you have added a contact to your contact list then all that there’s left to do is to click on the “Call” button to make call, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Skype users can also call mobile and landline phone numbers for which a term SkypeOut was used similarly a Skype user can also receive calls from landline and mobile numbers also known as SkypeIn. Beside instant messaging and voice calls Skype also allows its users to make video calls anywhere in the world. Skype also offered a very facilitative feature of receiving voice messages. Skype provided this offer for free in the beginning but now users have to pay for it. Various mobile versions of Skype have also been released. One can easily download this app to one’s mobile. File sharing is another implemental feature. Skype credit lets you make you calls like a regular mobile system.

Skype has managed to revolutionize our ways of communication. It plays a vital role in daily life communication, promoting business. It has helped to overcome barriers like time, money and distance.



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