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| November 26, 2011

A puzzle video game launched by Finnish Computer Game Developer Rovio Mobile became one of the most loved games of all time and that was the famous Angry Birds. It was first released in December 2009 for Apple’s IOS but the rapid increase in its ratings prompted the Apple Company to release more of its versions for other Smartphones.


Angry Birds

In this game, the players have to launch little birds at pigs using a slingshot. The pigs are placed on various structures and the player has to destroy all these pigs. With the progress in the game, new birds keep coming. Some of these also possess some exceptional abilities.

Angry Birds is known to be the most loved game and also the biggest success in the world of mobile apps so far. It is also available for personal computers.

In the game, the pigs have taken away eggs and the players have to get them back using a flock of birds. The pigs are sheltered inside fortifications made of different materials like wood, ice and stones. The players have to launch the birds in such a way that they can hit the pigs. As the level increases, the protection around the pigs also increases and thus the task of hitting the pigs becomes more and more difficult. Usually at points where the pigs are stationed such that they are hard to hit, some helping aids in the form of explosive crates or rocks are available. The different colors of birds indicate different types of birds. In the beginning, only red colored birds are available. They do not possess any unique or special abilities but as the level goes higher, the player gets different colored birds and depending upon the color, the birds can perform some specific tasks which the player can activate after the bird has been launched. For example, a blue bird has the ability to split up into 3 little birdies, the yellow ones have the ability to increase their speed which makes them able to do much more damage, a black bird has the ability to explode i-e it can perform like a bomb and a white bird drops big explosive eggs. The pigs also come in different sizes. Smaller pigs are destroyed easily but the big ones are difficult to destroy as they can sustain little damage caused by damaged structures. Moreover, there are also pigs that wear helmets and armors and they are definitely hard to destroy. The pigs that are most hard to destroy and can take the most damage are the ones with crowns.

The next level is unlocked if the player succeeds in defeating all the pigs with the birds provided. The players are awarded points whenever a pig is defeated or a structure is damaged and if the player reaches the next level without using all the birds then bonus points are also awarded for the unused birds.

The response to this game was highly positive. It is known to be the cleverest and most interesting puzzle game. Angry Birds has enjoyed top spot on Apple’s UK app store and also on US app store. Within 24 hours of its release, the android version of the game was downloaded so many times that the website crashed due to load! In the list of top paid apps chart, the Angry Birds has a record of remaining on top for most days.

Special Editions

Angry Birds Seasons

A special Halloween edition of the game was launched in October 2010. It featured special Halloween music and Halloween related themes. It was exclusive to IOS at that time but in December 2010 Angry Birds Seasons was also introduced for Android and Symbian devices. It featured 25 Christmas related themes. The Halloween version was known as “Trick or Treat” and the Christmas version was given the title of “Season’s Greetings”.

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio was launched in March 2011 and this version was based on the animated film Rio. In this game the angry birds got to interact with the characters from the movie. Since the time it was released, Angry Birds Rio has been reported to be downloaded more than 10 million times.

Angry Birds Rio


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