Top Ten iPhone Games

| November 11, 2011

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game. In this game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs which are positioned within various structures. Angry Birds is one of the most loved games of all the times.

Angry Birds

2. Action Bowling

Action Bowling is a fun-filled game. It has a choice of different bowling balls and the user can even create his own by using the iPhone camera. This is really a fun bowling game.

Action Bowling

3.Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja can be termed as a juicy game which is enjoyed by millions of players around the world. It is a simple, fun and best of all challenging game.

Fruit Ninja

4.Real Racing GTi

This is one of the most amazing racing games for Apple handsets but it requires a lot of time investment. It provides user-friendly graphics and controls.


Real Racing GTI


5.3D Checkers

It is checker—and that too in 3D! It is a 3D version of the board game and indeed a treat for checkers lovers.

3D Checkers

6.Cell Splat

This game is a test for your observance. This is a matching game in which you have to click on all the shapes that match with the target shape.

Cell Splat

7.Doodle Jump

This game is widely known for its addictiveness. It has won several award. It features a doodle guy which is guided by the user to different platforms by tilting the phone making sure all the time that the doodle is kept safe from the bad guys.

Doodle Jump

8. Farmville

One of the most popular and loved game on facebook is FarmVille and as it is now available on iPhones so it is also one of our top ten games of iPhones. It is a farm game in which the player is a farmer and has to take care of his farm and plant various crops, trees, raise livestock and earn money by all this.




9. iCopter Classic

In this game the player can fly in the form of a helicopter or bee, submarine, spaceship or football and survive for as long as possible without colliding with something.

iCopter Classic

10.Where Is My Water?

It is a fun-filled puzzle game in which the player has to guide water to the alligator’s bath tub whose name is Swampy! He is a cute and funny alligator who only wants to take a bath with its cute little rubber duckling.

Where is my Water



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