The Making of Facebook and Legend Mark Zuckerberg

| November 9, 2011

Facebook is a phenomenon and so is his creator. The social network was launched by Mark Zukerberg in 2004. He cofounded it with his friends at Harvard. The amazing network was created in a small dorm room by a geek who later turned into a billionare.


Mark had appetite for computer programming since childhood. His father had him a tutor for programming when he was young. While still in 9th grade, Mark made a complete game in C++. C++ is a language which takes average intelligent person years to excel and Mark was then a kid. One can see his passion for programming.

His exceptional programming skills took him to Harvard. There, he was seen as an ultimate geek who loved programming and could do amazing things with it. In his sophomore year, he created a program CourseMatch with the help of which students could make study groups by matching their subjects. Later, Mark made a site for fun, he called it FaceMash. The site had photos of students and people could vote for the best looking person.

Around that time, students at college were demanding that a site should be made where all the relevant information regarding a student could be found. Mark decided to do it on his own and in a better way. On Feb. 4, 2004, Mark launched Facebook from his dorm room. It was an instant hit as it was one of its kind. Firstly it was accessible for only Harvard students. Keeping in mind its increasing popularity, it was launched for students of extended communities.

Slowly and gradually, Facebook went global. It has a phenomenal impact. The few existing social networks faced a huge setback and decrease in popularity. Now Facebook is undisputedly the biggest social network and a most used one.

2010-- Person of the Year

Facebook is successful because it gives the freedom of making good interactive groups. It is easy to understand and its privacy policies can be easily adjusted for different communities. Facebook has something for everyone and that is why it is a huge hit.

Presently the site has 800 million active users. It has more than 2000 employees.

The life of Mark Zuckerberg has changed. He was named “The person of the year” in 2010. His personal wealth is estimated to be $ 17.5 billion.He lives, with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, in a five bedroom house in Palo Alto worth $ 7 million .


Mark's House at Palo Alto


Life is such a journey, one never knows what lies ahead.



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