Top Ten Apps for iPhone

| November 7, 2011

Recently bought an iPhone and want to convert it into a fun factory? Or want to improve the one that you already have? Fill it up with these very facilitative and fun-to-use applications. These applications will make your experience with iPhone even better. Following are the top ten applications available in iPhone.

1.     Angry birds:

Developed by a Finnish game developer Angry Birds is a dangerously addictive puzzle video game. It was first released for Apple’s iOS in 2009 and took the market by storm. The main idea of the game is to launch cartoon birds as weaponized projectiles at green egg stealing pigs with the intent to spifilicate them. It uses basic principles of physics and vectors to launch a bird. Once you play it, it then becomes very hard for you to resist it.

Angry Birds

2.     Wikipedia:

It is a convenient mobile version of Wikipedia. Think of it as the world in your pocket. This free app accesses Wikipedia and shows the entire content and user-created encyclopedia. You can easily gather information on any topic no matter where or when.

Wikipedia for iPhone

3.     Google Earth:

This awesome application takes you anywhere in the world with just a tap of finger. It makes use of the iPhones multi-touch feature so you can move around the application by simply tilting your phone. It also uses the same aerial views that are seen on the computer version of Google Earth. So, this app simply lets you travel around the world in 80 seconds.

Google Earth for iPhone

4.     Facebook:

Using this amazing application you can stay in touch with your friends on-the-go. It is a pocket version of Facebook that allows you to respond to your friends’ requests, notifications, comments and update status. Fun never ends if you have this app with you.

The addictive Facebook

5.     PayPal:

Executing transactions was never as easy as it has been made with this wonderful application. Now if you want send or receive money from another PayPal’s user phone all you need to do is bump them together by tapping on “Bump” and it’s DONE! Another awesome feature of this cool application is that you can deposit your checks simply by taking pictures of them…isn’t it incredible?

Banking on iPhone

6.     Camera+:

This application takes your photography skills and experience to the next level. Whether you are someone who barely touches a camera or someone who captures every precious moment of life, Camera+ will make you love taking pictures. You can also manipulate your photos and add various effects to them. They say it’s all about one thing…Great Photos. save the moments

7.     Amazon:

This application lets the user buy goods and stuff by simply connecting to their Amazon account with just a tap of a finger. You can easily shop; compare prices, read reviews, place orders and search from the entire selection from You can also scan barcodes of different products or find any product by simply taking a snapshot of it. Fill your cart with whatever you want it’s like TAP it and Have it!

Buy it through iPhone

8.     Spring Pad:

This application is the best way to organize your daily life tasks. It allows you to input any sort of information or memo and categorize it and then it’ll never let you forget anything. And all the information that you store is easily accessible on your dashboard. This app surely lets you help put your daily life in order.

Spring Pad

9.     Scrabble:

Understanding the rules and playing Scrabble has been made really very easy with this app. It has all the regular board game functionality with some extra fun features like teacher mode and cheater option. You grab a tile with a touch of your finger and then release it on the board. Pinch-to-zoom lets you zoom in or out and shake your mobile to shuffle the tiles at the bottom of your screen. You may even like it more than the board version.

Scrabble on iPhone

10.                         Color Splash:

With this application the real fun begins after you capture a picture. You can manipulate your photos by adding different effects to them like it has this one very cool feature that makes the colors of a picture to evaporate leaving a black and white version behind. It even allows you to keep the specifically chosen details in color. You can also set the pixel accuracy with pinch-to-zoom. It brings out your creative side and allows you to directly share your creativity with your friends on Facebook or Flicker.

Color Splash


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