Top Ten Apple Products

| November 4, 2011

1)      APPLE 2

Apple 2 was hand-built by Steve Wozniak and was released in 1977 just 12 months after the very first apple computer. Very soon the apple 2 became the fastest-selling computer of its time and it fetched approximately $79m in the first year of its release.


Apple 2

2)      The First Mac 

The Macintosh was released on January 24, 1984. It was the first affordable computer for regular users which was also providing a graphical user interface and had replaced operating systems with a layout of folders and icons. The Macintosh 128K was comparatively easy to use and this was also a reason of its popularity.


3)      The iMac

The computer that kick started Apple’s fortunes and took the company to new heights was the iMac! It came out in 1998, three years after Steve’s return to Apple. The two special characteristics of the iMac that gained popularity for it were its beauty and the absence of all the wires and device cords etc. The elimination of device cords made it attractive to the new users who were not so expert in computers.


4)      The iPod

In October 2001, Apple kind of reinvented The Mp3 player and transformed the world of digital music forever. The first iPod had a space of 1000 songs and boasted a battery life of 10 hours! This device transformed Apple from an ordinary computer company into an electronics giant. It was a portable music player worth $399 and quickly became one of Apple’s top selling products.


5)      The iPod Nano

iPod mini was discontinued in September 2005 when it was at the height of its popularity. He wanted to replace it with a much lighter and smaller nano. In September 2010, the new nano was reinvented. It was 15g lighter than the previous version and was also half the height.

iPod Nano


6)      The iPhone

In the year 2007, Apple launched its killer product which was known as the iPhone! The iPhone a huge success in the smart phones sector Apple keeps launching a newer version year after year!


7)      iTunes

iTunes software was launched in the year 2001 as a music storage system for Apple computers. The iTunes store was launched in 2003 and it offered the Apple users legal music downloads for 99 cents per song. It was more user friendly then all of its competitors’ services.


8)      The iPad

The iPad was launched on January 27th and people went crazy after it. It had a sleek touch screen and allowed its users to check emails, browse the web, play games and do almost anything they want. Some said it was a combination of a laptop and an iPhone.




9)      IOS App Store

After the huge success of iPhone Apple announced the launch of IOS App store. It provides Applications downloads for the iPhones.

iOS Apps Store

10)   Apple Stores

The first Apple store was opened on 19th May 2001 in California. Uptil July Apple had opened more than 350 stores worldwide. Firstly Apple’s move into physical retail market was thought to be a great madness but it was proven later that the design and layout of the stores attracted and encapsulated the customers.

Apple Store


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