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| November 2, 2011

Yahoo is one of the most successful companies on internet. Its most famous application is Yahoo Mail. Yahoo!Answers is another very successful site hosted by Yahoo and it is a real famous one.


It is a funky style of social media, I have seen many people shift from Facebook to Y!A because it is much more interactive and fun.

Well, what one can do is that post questions on the site and get answers from members of the site. There are many categories and these categories have several subcategories. One can post questions in the related categories.

 People can log into the site using their Yahoo ID. Every user has his unique profile which has the record of all the questions and answers and points.

The user when uses Y!A for the first time gets 100 points by default. At asking a question, 5 points are lost and at answering a question 2 points are added. One can select best answer among all the answers. The lucky answerer gets 10 bonus points.

Well, it is a strange addiction, but when one gets best answers, it is a peculiar and good feeling. So I think that there are little things in the world which can give one happiness and finding and using them is just very good.

People say what is the purpose of using Y!A when one can Google every question and get the right answer. One cannot get personal advice and share experiences on Google but this can be done on Y!A. There are many interesting questions and answers and one certainly learns new things.

The cosmopolitan air of Y!A is its best attribute. People from most developed countries like America and underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan are seen and they share their opinions which show the different taste of distinct cultural groups.

So do join Y!A.



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