Technical Comparison between Email Servers

| October 21, 2011

In this article we are going to make comparison between one of the best know email servers together, in order to find out the best among them. For that we chose the following give below email servers and then compare key features.

MS Exchange Server 2007

MS Exchange Server 2007 is Microsoft’s proprietary email server which runs on Microsoft Windows platform only and integrates well with Active Directory. Key features include:

• Windows Server 2008 Support
• Storage Optimization
• Web Services Application Programming Interface (API)
• OWA Web Parts
• Free/Busy Web Service
• .NET Integration
• Exchange Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager
• Unified Messaging
• Web-Based Messaging
• Mobile Messaging
• Outlook 2007 Experience
• S/MIME Support
• Opportunistic TLS Encryption

• Only supported on Windows Server OS, high license cost for OS to run mail server
• Requires Active Directory
• Complicated Installation and setup
• Complicated maintenance and administration
• Resource Hungry, hardware as well as human resource (dedicated & properly trained administrators required)
• Complex planning required for geographical and distributed presence
• Only 64-bit hardware provides the system architecture that is required to support the increased memory, storage, and enhanced security requirements in a more cost-effective manner for MS Exchange 2007

Kerio Mail Server for Linux

Kerio Mail Server is Kerio Technologies mail server solution, which has different variants for Linux and Windows platform, which has a very good integration with Mac client machines. The windows platform version is a very less optimized resource requirements, hardware (less hardware resource utilization) as well as management man hours. Key features include:

.Global Synchronization of Address Book.
.Anti –Spam Features (SMTP Authentication by (User Name and Password, Ip Address).
.Mobile email (Mail protocol, web mail mini, Notify Link).
• Quota and Message Limit.
• Support groupware client( outlook, web mail)
• Support Mobile devices (window mobile, Sambian, Black berry).
• Auto Archiving and Backup.
• Linux Open Source
• Optimized for multi-CPU server systems
• Faster new system for parallel processing of email messages
• New Spam Assassin updates for greater accuracy
• Microsoft Active Directory 64-bit
• Road Sync 4.0 Support
• Task synchronization
• View HTML emails
• Integrated with McAfee AV
• Unlimited number of users support, counted number of users (multiples of 5 users) are purchased
• Purchased with defined number of users, though options to upgrade number of users exist while running
• Costs based on per users result in higher TCO as other products offers unlimited number of users after certain user package (More than 250 users for MS Exchange and more than 1000 users for MDaemon).

 Zimbra Open Source (Consumer Edition)

Zimbra Server is the core of Zimbra Collaboration Suite. It is designed with an extremely stable and modular architecture using proven open source technologies. Zimbra Server provides tremendous flexibility because it contains all of the components necessary to run your Linux or Mac based email and calendar messaging infrastructure out of the box. It also connects to just about every popular end-user client through the many standard protocols it supports. Key features are as follows:
• Multiple mail domains
• Web collaboration and Productivity
• Exchange Migration Wizard Available
• Archiving to Public Folders
• Support for multiple external email accounts
• Active Directory Integration
• CalDAV Standard Support
• LDAP account database backend support
• ODBC account database backend support
• Multiple address books per mail box.
• Build in Antivirus available.

• Only supported on Linux and Mac OS.
• Global address list synchronizing is not available in Open Source Edition.
• No Automatic Synchronizing and schedule synchronizing.
• No Cluster Management Support.
• Hierarchical storage management is not available in this edition. (Cannot move old messages to a secondary storage volume).


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