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| October 6, 2011

Avira AntiVirus Personal 10 detects and blocks every form of virus, spyware, adware and rootkits. Avira AntiVirus Personal is one of the most powerful free antivirus tools, using an advanced skill to detect infection fast and having a negligible impact on your computer, these major features have made it award-winning.

Avira Personal 10 is a real-time Guard factor that monitors files for threats when you are approaching them. An improved module examines files for malware as functionality, allowing the tool to detect even the pristine and formerly not detected infections.

The program has a usual scanning rate but through payment you get many scan profiles to select from. So it detects Windows System directory, My Documents, Active Processes, a removable drive, and many more . An advanced scheduler is capable of setting-up scans while you are absent. For something spiteful that is exposed, there is a new “Quick Removal” feature which would delete it and clean up.

To configure Avira AntiVirus Personal, simply double-click its system tray icon. In just some seconds you will verify that the program is up-to-date, efficient, active, and set to defend you from every malware.

There is a commercial version of the program as well. AntiVirus Premium includes more online security with Anti Phishing tools and Avira’s Web Guard, applies rapid updating facilities with a bootable rescue CD. There is an absolute Avira Security Suite to accomplish the functions those are forgotten by AntiVirus Personal.

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