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| October 6, 2011

If you want to run the multiple operating systems all at once on your computer then VMware Player is the simplest way to do so. VMware Player 4 brings in an accessible interface, therefore all of the users can easily try Windows 7 for themselves and the up-to-the-minute Linux builds, or generate independent virtual machines to check new software carefully and web browsing.

By means of VMware Player, devoid of rebooting of your PC, by switching you can try new operating systems. Using VMware Workstation, a virtual copy of an old computer can be made to run, with the intention that you can recycle the old machines which you have forgotten about.

Easy Install simplifies more to create virtual machines with the systems running newest 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux as compared to install them directly to your computer system.

VMware player workstation allows you to run Windows XP virtual machines with improved graphics, quicker actions, and firmer integration as compared to the Windows XP services. VMware comes with the features like Unity, shared folders and drag and drop, VMware Player brings in an advanced technique to run Windows XP over Windows 7.

You can use VMware vCenter Converter to convert your present Windows PC into a virtual machine. So you don’t require re-installing and re-configuring your current programs those are essential with Windows XP Mode.  VMware Player is the perfect way to experience a virtual use. The Virtual appliances are pre-assembled, pre-configured and just set to run project software applications, having with it an operating system in a virtual machine.

VMware Player 4.0 free download software is fast and simple with no disturbance of installation and settings. VMware Player 4 is a key upgrade.

VMware Player 4.0 Features

As you free download VMware Player 4.0, it will bring you following interesting features

  • VMware Player 4.0, with its improved display technology, grants an enhanced practice for Unity users and multiple monitor users. With these improvements you can include a projector to your laptop and you don’t need to restart your virtual system.
  •  VMware Player Virtual machines hold now about 64GB of memory. To get facilitated by this feature the host system needs to have over 64GB of memory.
  • In VMware Player 4.0 there is a support of USB 3.0 existing for Linux guests operating kernel version 2.6.35 or newer (Ubuntu 10.10) by a new virtual xHCI USB controller. In order to use this feature, insert this line to the .vmx file: usb_xhci.present = “true”. But you’re not to enable this feature for Windows guests. Since at present Windows contains no generic xHCI driver so in Windows this feature is hopeless.
  •  There exists an HD Audio device for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2 guests. The HD Audio device is similar in temperament to the RealTek ALC888 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec.
  • It is possible now to share the bluetooth devices on the host system with Windows guests. Using the most modern hardware version, Bluetooth devices which are paired to the host system radio are offered to Windows guests and can be paired from within the guest.

Remember you’re not to pair Bluetooth audio devices to a guest, for example headphones, also don’t pair the Bluetooth input devices, for example keyboards and mouse devices.

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