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| October 4, 2011

Mozilla Company is more famous for its web browser like Firefox browser. Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client introduce by the same company Mozilla. The program organizes numerous email accounts and is also able to facilitate with the RSS feeds and access online newsgroups and a new tabbed interface helps to move into the separate emails and Thunderbird’s other features.

New tools are offered to simplify to handle a growing inbox Email archival which is able to delete messages from your major inbox whereas keeping them for future reference and the highly developed search skill struggles to catch messages by means of a keyword filtering feature and timeline facility.

Thunderbird is the perfect tool to manage your email communication with a lot more features.

Thunderbird, likewise Firefox, supports add-ons able to customize and broaden the program’s features. The automatic account setting detection has made it so easy to begin with the email client and the excellent strokes make Thunderbird so amazing for instance an emergence of an alert when you’ve written an email having word ‘attached’ in the email but no attachment is included.

The tool has automatic updating, highly developed security and phishing safety. Plus there are numerous other features which the other email clients don’t have at all.

Now I talk about the version 7.0. In this latest release a new feature is declared that is the ability to print a summary of the chosen messages. Version 6 also holds this serviceability which raises a lot of concern in the users if it’s the default behavior while printing a selection of messages. You can disable it by selecting Tools > Options > Advanced, click Config Editor, and type mail.operate and change the value of the viewed window to false value.

More improvements are indefinite slight interface tweaks and developments, together with many fixes to the feature of Mozilla Thunderbird to deal with the attachments added by you.

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