Download PeaZip 4.0 – Powerful Zip Manager

| September 30, 2011

PeaZip 4.0 is a lightweight yet powerful zip manager for windows use. You can open, edit and create simply any archive using this incredible program.

Mostly ZIP is used as a standard format for archiving files and folders and it is not possible to open a archived file of some specific format with either Windows or Mac or with any other archive management tool. Although there are many alternate programs available for free, but PeaZip is by far the most famous program for archive management. PeaZip supports the standard ZIP format and also allows you to create archives using the latest 7z format. Archives in the 7z format are almost 30% better compressed than standard ZIP format and are relatively quicker to open on a fairly slow computer. PeaZip helps you to open an archive in almost every other format.

PeaZip is a simple and well-designed archive management tool for both Windows and Linux computers. Portable version of PeaZip is also available which you can install on your USB drive and take where ever you want.

Click here to download PeaZip 4.0


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