Download Pale Moon Portable 3.6.23

| September 30, 2011

Pale Moon is a free portable, fast and powerful web browser based on Firefox 3.x. Web browsers are one of the mostly used applications on your computer with mostly everything is web based.

Due to the rapid increase in the use of web browsers and web services, it is important now to have a web browsers with enhanced performance. Firefox is rated best in the market with its faster load time and effective performance than internet explorer. Pale Moon is another free web browser that is builds on Firefox 3.x engine, but all unwanted features have been removed with a view to speed things. In short, Pale Moon is a refined form of Firefox web browsers. Some of the features which are not included in Pale Moon Portable web browser are parental controls, accessibility options, support for ActiveX and ActiveX scripting. This helps in creating a better optimized web browser but with the drawback of less secure.

All the key features and options are included in Pale Moon and this lightweight web browser is worth checking out. Pale Moon 3.6.23 is the latest version of Pale Moon 3 and it is also portable. All in all, Pale Moon is a speedy web browser that offers power of Firefox.

Download Pale Moon Portable here.


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