Download AVG Remover v2012.1796 (64-bit)

| September 30, 2011

With AVG Remover’s latest version, you can now remove all traces of AVG Antivirus completely to overcome the installation issues. Although, it is not recommended to remove any antivirus application from your computer, but this is what AVG Remover does. It completely removes AVG antivirus and its installation files from your computer.

Usually there should be no need for users to use this software, but it can be very useful when basic removal process for AVG fails or you face issues with the installation of newer version. AVG Removal tool is available in two different versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Therefore, you need to select specific version accordingly.  AVG Remover completely removes all files and folders of AVG Antivirus from your computer. All entries stored in virus vault, registry and user data files will be completely removed. You will require to restart your computer to finalize the removal process.

The new AVG Remover 2012 is specifically designed to remove not only latest AVG 2011 or 2012 editions, but older versions also. AVG Remover is not a software application that will be in your common use; however it can be of great help to bring you out of problematic situation.

Click here to download AVG Remover 2012 – (64-bit)


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