Download AVG LinkScanner Free Edition 2012

| September 30, 2011

AVG LinkScanner is one of the great features in AVG antivirus 2012 software. You can get alerts for all malicious web pages even before you access them. LinkScanner adds a effective protection to your web browsing experience.

The web is full of un-trusted and harmful websites and each one of those websites is spreading malware as soon as somebody accesses them. Normally, a good antivirus program will block the virus attack but still you would love to avoid any risk and eliminate the fear of losing your precious data. So, you need to have AVG LinkScanner which will prompt you before you even access any dangerous website. AVG LinkScanner only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. In order to test the function of LinkScanner, navigate to Google and search for a term like “warez” or “cracks”. In the resulting page, you will see that some have a green tick icon, indicating that LinkScanner believes they are safe. But others will be highlighted with warning exclamation marks, showing there may be a risk from following them.

This sounds much like many other anti-phishing tools, but LinkScanner is different. It does not rely completely on site blacklists, that quickly go out of date, or the opinion of human site reviewers. Rather, as the name indicates, LinkScanner is actually scanning each link in real time to search for threats, so will pick up many infections even if they only appeared a few seconds ago. Moreover, this program confines itself to web page scanning; it will not interfere with other antivirus tools. You will be able to run LinkScanner alongside your existing antivirus program, and attain the advantages of using two malware detection engines.

Download AVG LinkScanner 2012 here.


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