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| September 27, 2011

Imagine having a preview of the very next Windows 8, it could have been the thought to get a beta version to install delaying it. Windows 8 UX Pack is available to get you a look of the next version of Windows devoid of admitting you for installing the complete running system. Fundamentally it covers Windows 7 to offer it such an advanced look and appearance as Windows 8, along-with the Metro mode, which mainly works with some sort of gadget look to allow you the access to different functions and applications.

Inspite of the fact that the UX Pack finalizes so well with its personal installer, even then it is extremely suggested to you to get a kind of drive-imaging support instead, Paragon Support and Recovery 2011 Advanced Free is that type of program, else this could’ve been decided on a system rollback solution such as Comodo Time Machine.Having the fail-safe backup instead, you can continue freely.

While you’re installing the software, the thing required first is to choose the Windows 8 theme needed to make use of, you can adjust this theme afterwards having installated by re-running the setup service. Just when it is installed and applied, you’d sense an innovative different feel of Windows 8 at your system.

You’ll see your computer’s wallpaper and window items would get a different look and it is supposed to have spotted the flatter, matt finish given on scroll bars and progress identifiers. You’d see the complete Metro UI desktop emulated that allows access to Mosaic and an innovative Aero auto colourization. Briefly is that you’ll surely have rather attractive new desktop look for your system.

In spite of such an attractive desktop that’s about it, there is a downside that no radical new functions would be seen and you eventually cover a much new skin on Windows 7. As the new look and feel is no more interesting for you, simply re-run the program and pick Uninstall to get it eradicated. That is really cool to get a spanking new desktop still it is not in-fact much of the actual item.

Windows 8 UX Pack v3 features are:

  • Fixed: The launcher issues with user account control
  • Fixed: Uninstallation code which is not to remove something as Zetro theme, previous wallpapers
  • Added: .NET Framework 4.0 requirements detection
  • Added: Developer Preview scheme for built-in Desktop/Logon screen options
  • Added: Vi-orb to modify Taskbar’s Start Orb to ones in Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Added: Uninstaller in Programs and Features like an individual uninstaller
  • Added: Wallpapers got at the Windows 8 Developer Preview release
  • Updated: Mosaic with the most up-to-date Newgen 6.0 with the tiles of Windows 8 and UI configuration
  • Updated: Default Windows Aero theme to dj-corny’s Windows 8 Metro Mod 1.5

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