Download Free Windows 8 Transformation Pack 1.0

| September 26, 2011

Any latest version of Windows is intended to bring improvements so this time Windows 8 is doing same with claiming a revolutionary new appearance when it is planned to support the tablets, mobile phones, laptop or PCs. In order to have a preview for the new look and a few functions with your PC running Windows 7, you should go for the Windows 8 UX Pack for it.

For getting the same look as Windows 8’s on some older version of Windows, here this Windows 8 Transformation Pack tool is rather wanted then. It holds UX Pack with inserting numerous more functions emulating the major features of Windows 8 those are built into Windows 7 previously just like the translucent Windows Aero interface. As a fact if you like to find the Windows 8 look in Vista, XP or Windows Server, you rather require this one.

It is so easy to install, just extract the setup file from the zip archive, next double-click it to launch. with the pre-requisites installed  (.NET Framework 4.0, plus .NET Framework 2.0-3.5 as your system use Windows Server or the XP’s 64-bit version) it is possible to choose the option to install and by clicking Install you view if the program could provide you with the needed features.

You have to bear as it may take some time to imply all the features, and at times it looks stuck however still proceeds and when it is all fine you’d be asked quickly to reboot when the point you would find a look for Windows 8 then.

The Vista and Windows 7 users must know that the changes you’ll have would be incomplete big-time, having access to the Metro-like user interface plus the different fascinating tools. Windows  XP users can see the revolutionary changes anyway, holding an entirely improved interface to satisfy. The glitches could be seen, as they confirm to be so problematic, else you take the new look and appearance not so appropriate then simply re-run the setup service so as to eradicate this out of your computer.

Click here to download free Windows 8 Transformation Pack 1.0 right now.


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