Download web browser Firefox 7.0 Beta 6 free

| September 22, 2011

If you can get to have just somewhat risky browser installation for your system, try Firefox Beta. You’ll simply know much about what the next version of Firefox is going to be like, with quite a stable build which is yet not so perfect but still can work for you well. While you can install Firefox Aurora as a totally separate installation together with your present available Firefox version, but Firebox Beta will rather be replacing your stable installation.

Not satisfied? Then you must yourself download the stable version and install it above the beta build. Choose About Firefox from Firefox button or menu to know what that build you’re having then is.

This most up-to-date Firefox 7 is holding many improvements those fix the memory footprint, for the most part for ones who are much into opening multiple tabs at the same time and those who, instead of closing the browser, iconify. More new adjustments are to diminish http:// from the main bar and to have colored the sub-domain part of a URL as dull grayish.

In-fact all the add-ons cannot be effective with this release and as that’s an incomplete version, it is better for  you to support your offered Firefox settings with an application such as  MozBackup previous to install it above your presently offered stable installation.

Click here to download free  firefox browser 7.0 beta 6 right now.


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