Download Free MP3 Skype Recorder – Version

| September 22, 2011

MP3 Skype recorder is a great tool if you are a frequent Skype user. You might come across situations where you need to record some of your conversations that you have with your loved ones or business partners. If this is the case, than MP3 Skype Recorder can be a best option. MP3 Skype recorder is a light weight and simple software application that will help your in recording all calls that are made through VoIP.

You can download MP3 Skype Recorder from digzip and it is absolutely free. Although the interface is not that attractive but truly its functions are. You can access all the options through one single window. You’ve playback buttons and programs settings that are well organized. MP3 Skype Recorder will automatically connect with Skype when you turn on both of the programs. After that Skype will ask do you want to grant access to this application and the recording can start accordingly.

Free download MP3 Skype Recorder

Size: 2 MB



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