Stream video from Mac or PC with Air Playit Server 1.5

| September 21, 2011

In order to watch a video stored in your system’s hard drive, iPhone or iPad, you’d possibly be required to convert it into an appropriate format first. Otherwise no less than you will have to copy the file into video library.  These two techniques can be so slow. To help you in this Air Playit suggests a substitute, causing to stream video stored in your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad with no need to bring about first the long conversions, frustrating you out.

You can stream AVI, WMV and MKV files in real time with any essential conversion performed immediately. It shows so as to watch these sort-of videos you have to have an internet connection but as where a connection is not directed to be accessible, you have the option to convert videos earlier and download then to your Apple’s iOS device.

wifi or 3G connection can also use Air Playit therefore it can be used more or less everywhere to access the video files you have stored in your PC at your residence. Performance is clearly better above wifi however 3G’s performance is inspiring too.

PC software simplifies to organize your video collection and you have the choice to configure permissions for special forms of videos. Videos can be published with the intention that every single can access them, apart from there are Admin and Kids groups as well, able enough to be PIN guarded.

Using Air Playit server you can also make your video accessible via web.

The server software is offered for Mac as well as Windows, and to facilitate yourself to use the app you’d have to install the appropriate software on your iPhone or iPad. Equally the Air Playit HD _ Streaming Video to iPad and Air Playit _Streaming Video to iPhone are available at no cost and can be downloaded easily.

Air Playit 1.5 holds support for DRM videos bought from iTunes store together with performance step ups.


Air Playit 1.5 is a splendid alternative to Apple’s AirPlay that is fairly more versatile and can be simply modified to go with what you want.


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