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| September 21, 2011

Skype has brought in an update for its beta Mac app, carrying Facebook integration offered for Windows systems by now. Presented to download at the moment, Skype for Mac 5.4 Beta in essence gets Facebook utility integrated in Skype. At the outset, just sign in your Skype, then click “Connect to Facebook” tab, then give your Facebook sign-in information.

In 2010 Facebook features were joined with Skype for Windows. Just then, Skype included as well the Facebook Phonebook that lets users call and send messages with one or two clicks to Facebook friends on their mobile phones straight and landlines as well. The feature also bears in mind free Skype-to-Skype calls provided that your Facebook friend is on Skype too.

According to some blog post what Skype has told is  —“Just like in our Windows client, you will now be able to IM and connect with your Facebook friends without leaving Skype,” — “You will also be able to read and update your News Feed, as well as comment and ‘Like’ your Facebook friends’ posts – all within Skype for Mac.”

Moreover, for now Mac update adds an advertising policy, while they pay Skype users or the ones having Skype Credit wouldn’t be able to see display ads. Progress transpires two months following Facebook launched video call through Skype that exactly got Skype into Facebook interface.

Back in July Tony Bates, the Skype CEO declared that for nearly six months, the company had been building up Skype integration. He didn’t seem alarmed that this can turn the traffic aside from Skype’s major function. Skype stands with an objective of about 1 billion consumers, as Skype always tries its best to be too persistent on its progress.

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