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| September 16, 2011

Skype 5.5 is the most modern version of the well-liked chat service, VoIP, instant text messaging and conference service. The most important new feature in this version is the new Facebook option, awarding you an uncomplicated access to your updates on Facebook. So view the wall posts, include comments and revise your own status also, just using Skype. With a mare click you access your phonebook, using this you can message or call your Facebook friends and that’s all cost-free if your friends are Skype users too.

A free trial of the group video calling feature is running now in beta release. So try a video chat with more friends than one only. The quality of this conversation is just superb. And there is a new call quality manager, to check the quality throughout the call and helps out to fix the issues on it. Plus Skype 5 now contains automatic call recovery so as to speedily re-connect your lost call on some connection breakdown.

To a different place, Skype interface has made somewhat improved in order to simplify things for you. For the experienced users it’s all so easy. Actually you simply can install this new version and go on naturally with your account news and friends, conversations, chats and other. With Skype 5 this all is straight away on your hand.

That’s Skype 5.5- just very new yet, for Windows only. This adds full-time Facebook facility with which you can mail a message to your Facebook friend with simply using Skype; you may like a Facebook post or status with this Skype. And there’s a better call control toolbar with a lot more features, and yes better interesting smilies.


This program is for commercial use that allows you connecting with persons worldwide, finding free calls and other excellent features you’ll always admire.

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