Download multipurpose Lunascape 6.5.5 Browser

| September 16, 2011

Lunascape is the ever most multipurpose browser you’ll see, granting in a singly program the combination of search engines of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Accordingly by this you get an instantaneous compatibility gift for you.

So, say, some site is not looking like working right as you use Internet Explorer for it, in that case, just with some clicks, you’re able to re-open this website with the Mozilla Firefox engine. Even you could decide on Google Chrome engine if it is heavy site, you’ll find the tool so functional.

Besides nearly all Mozilla’s add-ons along with Internet Explorer plug-ins are applied by Lunascape. A tiny technique will bring in your accessible favorites and add-ons, and as you wish you can install more afterward.

More than the IE, Firefox and Chrome engines, the application gets some further exciting features of its own as well. Lunascape includes lots of bookmarklets, features scripts for more sophisticated automation purposes, adds mouse gestures, a pop-up blocker and integrated RSS reader, letting you put the user agent string, usually that is extremely organizing.

With having all the above features Lunascape does justice with its working. The main program may need somewhat bit of memory or system resources and the browser keeps on being impulsive and alert all the time.

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