Download Google Chrome 14.0.835.162 Beta browser

| September 16, 2011

These are the days when it doesn’t take over a month or two for the next major release of any known browser. For the ones who are so willing to have a look on the next version and those are okay with giving up some stability and security to get a premature look at new features of the new version, here this beta build of Google Chrome is going to suit you the best then.

It is that the beta versionis yet not much stable to believe as a final release, no doubt, but yes, many trials have been made by those Chrome users pretty daring to install the great risky alpha, or Dev build, conflicts about the build therefore are just so rare.

Remember that as you would update to the beta build, it would replace your on hand stable installation of Chrome. That’s why you’ll not be able to run it equally. However this beta build will automatically update you with the most up-to-date beta build, therefore by the time Chrome will get more stable before your available version turns to a stable build and you go for the next beta release.

When you want to go back to the stable version, you simply visit the Release Channel page, remember you can switch right only just as a stable build newer as compared to your beta build is unveiled. An integrated Native Client this time in Chrome Beta 14  designers are interested in, to make dominant web apps including the code which locally runs alongside web-based code to grant better online videos, gaming, media and other thorough functions.

Moreover it is the first version to totally hold optimizations, for OX Lion users, as correct Lion scrollbars together with the fullscreen mode. Also for the Mac users the Print Preview is now offered with firstly appearing in a previous Windows release.

On some other side, Google Chrome version 14 gives a lot attention to improve the security and technology behind Chrome. A new Javascript rendering engine is supported now, as, though security on secure (HTTPS) web pages has been improved as well, by Google interested in removing the sites with a muddle of secure and insecure factors on their pages owing to intrinsic exposures to the dangers.

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