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| September 16, 2011

To work with the virtualization tools was rather a failure some ages back. Mostly it was so while virtual operating system needed to copy the CPU, shared memory and graphics card with your computer.

With just one system, this brought about big-time slow-down as a result. By means of Windows on a PowerPC Mac was just not practicable except for testing applications. Currently it is realistic to run a virtual version an operating system. You may surely run and test Windows 7 on your XP machine or the other way round, with a previous copy of Windows XP on your Windows 7 system, to just check software prior to install on your main in-use PC.

VMware Workstation stands with the top-class virtualization tools around. You can install and use many operating systems. By this it’s simple to run Windows 7 and XP next to each other or a Linux install over Windows and et cetera. Most importantly as VMware Workstation features manifold core processors, therefore you can hand over two CPU systems to your host and the two left over to your virtual PC and you would get this performing efficiently for you.

With this virtual operating system it is perfect to test new programs. Some installed on the virtual PC are kept safe and protected surrounded by that setting. Also you can still get a photograph of the virtual OS hence that incase the installed software falls short to work as you thought; it will let you know how to hurriedly revert to an earlier position.

You may also share your workstation with additional users in your group by this VMware Workstation 8, a pristine user-interface, support for 64-bit by way of up to 64GB of RAM, HD audio feature, USB 3 support and so on.

Remember please that VMware permits to download only the trial releases of software from their website in case you contain a VMware account. You would be asked for a trial serial code as well

Click here to download free trail VMware Workstation 8 right now.


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