Download Free Mozilla Thunderbird 7 Beta 2

| September 8, 2011

As soon as Mozilla promoted Firefox to a rapid release phase assigning it to building a new version release, it fixed on to proceed Thunderbird to the same release cycle that is the Firefox’s email buddy.

So there are three or well, four special versions of Thunderbird present now all at once. The final, stable release that will tempt nearly all users, also a range of flavors of pre-release versions, ready accessible to qualified users and designers for check.

The version just about to release is the Thunderbird’s Beta version, only one month left as of being released as the Final release although even then it is not rather prepared so far for the real show. With this build you may have a little stability questions for this reason it’s better to support your email quite often with the help of MozBackup service.

Anyhow generally speaking you ought to realize the beta build quite a stable for a daily basis experience. On to the rapid-release cycles, many most important new features are practically slight in case, in its place look ahead to get a program that’s a bit faster as compared to the existing stable build to show much improved support.

Going on the other side you could find a few add-ons not working with the new version anymore, even if lots of plug-in developers move toward guaranteeing their add-ons working with the beta build just by the final build. About the version 7.0, the release remarks say a worth mentioning new feature which is said as – the “ability” to print a summary of chosen messages, however this skill is earlier there in version 6, and a source of a lot of interest with the users when it’s the default actions while printing a range of messages. Stop it by opting for Tools > Options > Advanced, click Config Editor, after that type “mail.operate” and adjust the option of the shown field to “False”.

Further variations are indefinite slight interface fixes, together with several fixes by means Thunderbird deals with attachments. Here you get portable version of Thunderbird 7 to download.


Thunderbird 7 gives a foretaste of the next version of Mozilla’s free email service before it strikes the final build.

Click here to download Mozilla Thunderbird 7 right now.


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