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| August 28, 2011

Keep your PC, mobile tools, details and data and etc all safe by the special security package i.e. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 is a authoritative security suite which conveys all that you require to keep yourself, while online & offline, protected.

The central antivirus program has been improved to keep you secure from viruses, Trojans, spyware, infections and all that. The new false Antivirus Cleaner is heading for removing malware which pretends to be genuine security software. And a better conductive monitoring module takes care for procedures behaving suspiciously, which allocates the package to detect and stop even newer, formerly hidden dangers.

Titanium Maximum Security 2012 facilitates you to browse more securely as it blocks spiteful locations for web pages, online chat, emails, instant messages and so on. Whereas an original Social Network Security module minds the tool check your Facebook, Twitter and Myspace links, clearly making you view what links to click for a safe and sound outcome.

The suite adds a host of other tools as well, the whole thing you’d look ahead to a safety suite. And accordingly a spam filter is able to make your inbox all clear from trash, the enhanced Windows Firewall Booster defends you from network hits, identity theft protection blocks the private data from slipping away from your system and Parental Controls restrict your kids from negatively reaching the internet, whereas protecting them from the stuff that’s not suitable for them. However there are also options and more that you won’t automatically get in most of the other competitor tools. Similar to the enhanced System Tuner that optimizes your system to improve its performance, encryption and protect file removal tools, wireless authentication to caution you regarding dangerous wireless critical points and a complete 10GB of online storage space thanks to SafeSync, Trend Micro’s file sync and support utility.  Moreover principal most feature maybe, a Titanium Maximum Security subscription provides you an access to tools which will save smartphones, tablets and more mobile services. Android, Symbian, iOS and Windows-based devices are also in the list, and your subscription is going to let you to secure equal to 3 Computer systems together with 3 mobile devices.

Remember if you don’t require rather this a lot power then it could have been worth regarding as Titanium Internet Security 2012. This is particularly lower in price, and has the same foundation features, but omits a number of additional features, you won’t see any file encryption, wireless authentication or definite social networking security, as; you don’t find the mobile security suite, and your SafeSync account only complements 2GB of online storage space. Try the Trend Micro package comparison page to know further details.


The package isn’t low-priced, but also Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 is completely full-featured, the mobile device safety, 10GB of online storage space, file encryption and wireless authentication features especially all have individual worth. All this service can hold some programs a bit back but even then this is a dominant, competent and comprehensible protection package for you.

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