Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2011

| August 27, 2011

If you really wish to amplify the usefulness of your wordPress blog and want the plugins to be fairly efficient for your blogs, then you should be familiar with the 2011’s top 10 wordpress plugins, and for this you are just at the right page because this article grasps details on the top10 wordpress plugins of 2011. The ranking of the plugins is included in this article that has been done on account of effectiveness and performance of these 10 plugins.


  • Browser associated plugins:


1.    Google XML sitemap

Google XML sitemap is the plugin that helps to raise the production level of XML and lets you find out the search engines for example Google, Bing, MSN,Yahoo and AOL. Google XML sitemap enhances the search optimization so as to precisely index your blog. Your blog will grow to be well-known with a high level. Keep in mind that the high level/rank of some blog is needed to increase the blog traffic.

2.      Yoast wordpress SEO

Yoast wordpress SEO is a plugin providing a very simple and quick review to the online users about XML sitemap and the on- page content. It examines by design the stuff you are looking for and informs you on latest updates and releases of special software and programs.

3.      Google one button plugin

Google one button plugin facilitates the online users to insert into the browsers their most wanted web pages and blogs. This plugin lets you suggest your most darling blogs and websites on Google. You’d just hit one button to access your favorite sites.

  • Share and post plugins:
  1. posts plugin
    A Certain posts plugin contains the related web links, all of them just in the end of the blogs you’ve posted. This plugin lets you get straightforward contact to related blogs as all of the links there will be accessible. Existence of related and helpful links will permit you to maintain the online users to keep on for quite some time on your blog who will visit your page. It will amplify your blog traffic. At the end all the blogs will contain loads of related links.
  1. Shareaholic Bookmarks
    Shareaholic Bookmarks include social bookmarks. It helps to add your social contacts and bookmarks and to locate most visited links. This plugin creates a memory level where it can save various bookmarks, thus you can simply get your much loved and most visited links directly.
  1. W3 total Cache
    W3 total Cache enhances the familiarity of visitors of your blogs. It keeps the performance of the server at your blog to continue with visitors to stay for a long period at your blog.
  1. AddToAny
    AddToAny is a plugin which allows you to share a number of favorite posts of your choice. Let’s say you viewed a certain page and liked it then you may wish to share it with others. In case your friends are too busy to copy the posts so this word press plugin lets them to share the posts simply fast. You can have this plugin at the base of the posts.

A truly significant thing is to hold the visitors to make your blog do well so Polldaddy plugin offers you this skill. You can set in polls using the widget board into your blogs and side bars of the web sites.

  • Security corner wordpress plugins:


  1. SpamShiv Lite
    SpamShiv Lite keeps your emails addresses safe. It secures the email addresses of the clients also with transferring the email addresses of them into certain codes -codes those are hard to identify.
  1. Akismet
    Akismet prevents the spam and fake entries. Time and again bloggers collect spam posts and feed backs. Therefore Akismet can be used to stop this type of spams.
  1. VaultPress
    VaultPress  is the main plugin since it helps to build backups for your blog. Plus this plugin tests your site for weird abnormality and gets to fix whatever the issue is.

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