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| August 27, 2011

Detection and removal of general rootkits in no time .TDSSKiller is a quick, functional portable program which helps you to detect and remove usually well-known as well as the rootkits which are not so known or unknown.

The tool is designed to scan just the most liable sectors of infection such as your drivers and boot sectors also your services sector. This is why TDSSKiller may let pass a small number of rootkits. It is, anyway, satisfactory to detect many known infections like TDSS, Sinowal, Whistler, Stoned, Trup, Phanta.

TDSSKiller tries to find suspicious items as well like hidden items or files or services expected to denote any type of malware that has overrun your computer. It simply takes only some seconds for the program to perform a complete thorough scan – 14 seconds on our test PC- so it’s straightforward to run frequently for a second barrier to protect your system. This security tool may also be programmed using command line controls about which Kaspersky’s TDSSKiller web page can shed light on.

With TDSSKiller you need to be real cautious anyhow, while sometimes it may also spot realistic files as suspicious. Therefore be alert and you are not to suppose that all of the suspect objects are truly some rootkit, commence to Google search engine and seek the file name, and first let yourself know more on this file.

While you try to fix or remove a true rootkit, this even comes with a trouble and may harm your PC to the position that it may not boot. Verify first that you know how to deal with that and get all data supported, previous to deleting the spotted rootkit.

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