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| August 25, 2011

Try inexpensive local and international calls, embrace a video conference or simply enjoy Facebook through Skype. Skype 5.5.0 one of the famous social networking app for windows which is the most up-to-date version of the fashionable VoIP, instant messages and online chat and video service.
This version mainly takes in a new useful feature i.e. the new Facebook tab, letting you have an easy access to your Facebook account. So it’s so simple with this Skype 5.5 to know what’s about with all of your Facebook friends, share your status and comment on someone’s. A new click would let you have an access to your phonebook, by this you can message or call your Facebook friends and that’s without charge if they also use Skype, economic enough for you eh?

This service now adds a free tryout of the group video call conference feature too, in the beta release yet, which will have you have a video chat among users more than two and it sharply shifts the focus to the individual who is speaking at the very time. Therefore it’s easy to understand whoever from the group call is speaking.

Provided that you’ve experienced issues with connection quality earlier, then you would be welcoming the new call quality manager, supervising the performance when some call is made and helping you out to fix the issue.

Since bad quality calls may not be working for you or some server being problematic, for which you just can’t help, Skype 5 now has automatic call recovery element, that promptly serves you by reconnecting you when a connection is not successful anymore.

For the sake of ease, Skype 5’s interface has been slightly redesigned. If you have been using the program since quite some time you’ll feel straight away relaxed with it, even if, and really you can easily install the new version and keep on your contacts, account details, chat history and conversations as usual. Still some more will all be existed in Skype 5 without delay.

Here you are welcome to download the brand new Skype 5.5 available only for Windows.

What’s new in Skype 5.5?

The new Skype 5.5 involves a vast Facebook support to send a message to a Facebook friend from Skype, say, some link or Facebook status or comment. This  version has an improved call control toolbar as well as many other features you’ll see in it.


Skype 5.5 is as good for business application which definitely helps you to stay in touch with co-workers worldwide, to have economical calls and much more. It’s a superb tool however in the advancement among different running systems some variation has been seen.

Click here to download free Skype application for windows right now.


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