Download Free System Explorer 3.0.7

| August 25, 2011

Haven’t you ever questioned about where your entire system resources would’ve gone, in case you want to know, try System Explorer which can expose every part of it. Quite like a highly developed version of Windows Task Manager, System Explorer works to reveal a great quantity of information on the programs and processes which run on your computer at any specific moment.

As well as you can always watch the programs those are configured to set up automatically with Windows, simply consider a list of browser add-ons, and check services and drivers. The services and processes that seem suspicious can be tested with the help of some clicks and that’s it.  Also online services are talented enough to reveal still some more information about certain programs and files. System snapshot potential simplifies to monitor changes in the system – just like before and after the installation of some program and performance graphs give quick look details.

Then the System Report feature makes easy to make a usable document surrounded with plenty of information about your computer system.

System Explorer could be complete when you use plug-ins. You’ll see the details offered by the program are simply astonishing, hence then for whatever you feel like knowing about your PC comprehensively, this System Explorer would definitely help you in that.

Click here to download free System Explorer 3.0.7


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