Download Free Lunascape 6.5.4

| August 25, 2011

Lunascape is the most resourceful browser across the globe, joining the search engines for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer into just one function. So you’re going to enjoy a direct compatibility gain. If a site doesn’t look as if exhibiting well as, for example, you are using IE engine, then you can view the site once more but this time using Firefox engine simply. Or else for the case it is a JavaScript loaded site, then decide Chrome and gain from its additionally featured practice.

Lunascape applies most Firefox addons also the IE plugins. A wonderful feature can simply introduce your offered favourites and add-ons so if you like you may install further.

Lunascape involves many fascinating features exclusively designed for this great browser only. Lunascape complements loads of bookmarklets, holds scripts for more sophisticated automatic tasks, and adds a pop-up stopping feature and integrated RSS reader, so to set the user agent string. All of these additional aspects aside, Lunascape performs perfect on its own. The program shows its worth for being so alert, just like when we had tested it.

So you can experience a sophisticated browser with many productive gains. If you now have to run manifold browser installations then Lunascape be the best to save you from fuss and taking long.

Click here to download free Browser Lunascape 6.5.4 right now.


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