10 Best Alternative Web Browsers

| August 25, 2011

We all know the most usual browsers, these days, include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. No-doubt all of these web browsers are fairly known and generally used across the global. Well just for the sake of creativity, efficiency and time saving; let us now have a look on some alternative web browsers.

Like the web browsers outshining for growing websites, social networking, 3D knowledge, fast browsing speed and all that. Here I’ll let you know about the10 best alternative web browsers offered to you which are dynamic, trouble-free and cool. Just look into what I found:

LunaScape :

Lunascape is the one and only triple engine browser designed for Windows OS. It indicates you can enjoy the top speed, features plus working performance of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari all with a single web browser and can visit any website in a best possible way with no need to try some other browser.

 K – Meleon :

K-Meleon is a particularly customizable, very quick, less-occupying free web browser rooted in the Gecko layout engine designed by Mozilla also associated with Firefox. K-Meleon is open source software released in GNU General Public License and is planned exclusively for the computers running on Microsoft Windows (Win32).

 Maxthon  Browser:

Maxthon is free, comprehensible, prevailing, direct and special web browser. It’s been proved so efficient so far by the response from the users. Maxthon is completely secure. The integrated Ad Hunter hinders destructive, or just frustrating screens, ads, icons and pages. Windows and WIndows 7 OS operating systems can use it.

Shiira Browser :

Now have a web browser designed for Mac OS X. Shiira involves a magnificent design and a user-friendly simple interface. It is among the speediest and handiest browsers for Mac OS X users.

Browse 3D :

Browse 3D as the name shows, is next generation web browser for Windows systems offering a graphical three-walled interface to load and use various Web pages all together. Browse3D helps effectively to locate, arrange, save and share web-based items with the help of their original design and works with many web browser engines

Camino Browser:

Camino is the open source web browser that is designed for spotlighting on making available the best potential perform for the ones who use Mac OS X. Camino holds add-ons and comes with many OS X features and functions.

iCab Browser:

Now for Apple Macintosh here you get the iCab web browser. iCab is an alternative web browser for the Apple Macintosh having several constructive features lacking in the rest of the web browsers.

Konqueror Browser:

Konqueror is for Linux users only, an open source web browser and a file manager designed as a central part of the K Desktop Environment (KDE). Konqueror carries quite a competent HTML rendering engine called KHTML. This engine executes as a KPart and for itself, it can be straightforwardly used by other KDE programs. Apple browserSafari too uses KHTML.

Flock Browser:

A web browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox codebase is Flock with a center of attention on public media. It practices with Windows, Linux and Mac. Flock supports different social media integrations and sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google mail, Blogger, Picasa, LiveJournal and like that.

SpaceTime Browser :

SpaceTime is Windows Vista web browser. It comprises 3D with web pages, contents and search results. Pages are put on show in 3D lots can be used for navigation by mouse, zoom in and out pages, categorize and manage.


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