Download Core Temp 1.0 RC1 Free

| August 22, 2011

Let’s monitor your processor, specially the temperatures of the cores. The hardware of nearly all of the computers is very much responsive to temperature and it’s definitely right about processors. As you monitor the temperature of your PC’s processor, this can let know the source of instability of your system. Core Temp makes it possible to monitor your processor’s temperature just exactly this way.

It’s what you can know from the name that the program does not simply inform the general temperature of your processor rather tells particular temperature of every core individually. Core Temp can reveal as well the load of every core so as to let you know the variations of temperature versus load.

This practical application helps to trace temperature changes over time. Every core’s temperatures are presented in the central program window and in the system tray also. Taking account for both Intel and AMD processor, Core Temp proves to be so simple to monitor your processor.

You will see many add-ons offered for Core Temp which let include new features and options in the program. These add-ons contain a sidebar tool and a graphing tool simplifying for you to watch temperature changes regularly.


Core Temp is a useful service that reveals all about your processor what you would like to know along with every core’s individual temperature.

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