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| August 12, 2011

No-one is unaware of Skype these days. Skype 5.1 is the newest released story of the latest VoIP, instant messages and chat tool. For this version of Skype the main added feature is the new Facebook tab to let you make out your Face book updates easily. You are able to see what’s just about with your friends, put your comments and you may also update status o your FaceBook wall, all of it inside Skype.

Plus with an additional click you can access your phonebook by which you can message or call your Facebook friends and you know what it is at no cost in case they’re also Skype users, a true money saving idea, isn’t it.

Skype’s latest version Skype 5.5 presently contains a free test of the group video call (a video Conversation) as well, at this time in beta release. Therefore enjoy a video chat with above two friends, intensely focusing to the one who is talking, so it’s trouble-free to understand the voice + video chat.

Have you ever gone through some bugs with connection quality? Then you’ll be glad about the new call quality manager that keeps an eye on the performance and quality during a call. This offers help to fix the issue. Since poor quality calls could have been behind the line or your server problems which you can not help with, Skype 5.0 now adds automatic call recovery which promptly can join you again just as some connection gets unsuccessful.

The other hand you see the Skype interface has been re-designed slightly, even easier and simpler. If you’re familiar with Skype since long you’ll still right away find it easier, however, indeed you can simply install the new version and keep on as usual: your account details, contacts, conversations, History and more all can be straight away accessible in Skype 5.0.

Even if there are Windows, Linux and Mac versions of the Skype software, each has a special version number.

Skype for Windowsis now at v5.x, but the Mac and Linux versions are still after on v2.x. This is not a big issue; you can make audio calls anyway, get a conversation video chat, type messages and send files, no matter what the version or working system.

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