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| August 3, 2011

Skype one of popular social networking application that comes with features like cheapest international calls, video conferencing, instant messages, chat tool and many more. Skype the latest Windows Version really comes with hot features and additions, that enhances the functionality and working efficiency of the popular VoIP, video conferencing and messaging tool.

Skype features

  • Facebook tab feature is integrated in this addition that allows easy access to your Facebook news stream. With this awesome feature, you can see what your friends are doing on the Facebook. You can add comments and update your face book status. On the same time with phonebook option, you can send free of charge text or call your Facebook friends and you can utilize all these awesome features with in Skype.
  • Skype 5.5 also comes with free trial of Group Video calling feature, which is currently in beta. With this feature more than two people can have video chat together and one can easily follow the conversion as the person who is speaking the focus is towards that person.
  • Features like automatic call recovery and call quality manager make this Skype edition more stable and efficient. With automatic call recovery Skype 5 quickly reconnects the dropped calls. And with new call quality manager it monitors the performance of the call and also help in resolving the issue.
  • Skype interface has been redesign and you just install the new version, all your account details, contact numbers, conversations and user friend interface make you easier to use it.

Skype 5.5 latest windows version comes with the Facebook application support and many other features. Click here to install Skype windows version free right now.


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