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| August 1, 2011

Skype 5.5 is the most up-to-date version released by the ever admired VoIP, direct instant messaging and chat service. The most important added feature in this recent release is the new Facebook tab offering to you an easy reach to your Facebook news flow and updates so with just using Skype You may always view what is around with your friends, put comments, update your own status and share things all contained by the great Skype.

A special click makes you connect to your phone book from there you are able to text or call your Facebook friends and for the case they are Skype users too then it’s all totally free of cost, prospectively a perfect money saving scheme.

The new release besides above features, also takes account of a free testing of the group video calling feature at this time in beta version. That allows you to make a video chat with two or even more friends sharply throwing the spotlight to the one who’s conversing therefore it is too uncomplicated to track the talk with your friends.

In case you were facing trouble with connection quality earlier, then you are surely going to be grateful for the new call quality manager which checks out the performance during the voice conversation and offers help for trouble-fixing.

Skype 5.5 now have automatic call recovery tool since bad quality calls may get down to line or server question which you can’t control, so automatic call recovery reconnects you fast as a connection has turned unsuccessful.

On the other hand the Skype interface has been a bit like re-planned so that it is easier for you to hit upon your way about. If you are in the habit of using Skype you will still feel comfortable right away, however, indeed you can simply install the new version and persist as usual your Skype account contacts, details, conversations and even more in Skype 5.5 will all be directly on hand.

You are being told about the totally new Skype 5.5 just for the Windows. The new release of Skype 5.5 contains meaningfully first-class Facebook support thus you can send a message to a Facebook friend from within Skype, like a video link or Facebook status or a picture devoid of exiting Skype in addition an even better call control toolbar and yet so many other new features.

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