Download Browser Lunascape 6.5.2

| July 21, 2011

Click here to download now the most multi-purpose Browser you have ever seen, Lunascape browser. The handiest browser merging in it the search engines from Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. So you have here a combination of the above browsers in only one single Application. That’s really awesome and interesting?

Let’s have a look for how Lunascape works for you, Lunascape offers direct compatibility assistance. Take it as some site doesn’t look like performing well while viewing it with, let’s say, Internet Explorer engine, then you can regenerate that very  site with the Firefox engine just with the help of a pair of clicks. Otherwise if you are dealing with a JavaScript-heavy site then better pick Google Chrome. Then get facilitated from Chrome’s additional characteristics.

Lunascape – Other Features:

Lunascape program does not only concern with IE, Chrome and Firefox, rather, it has got a lot of additional appealing features like;

  • Lunascape brings in several bookmarklets
  • Supports scripts for more sophisticated automation tasks
  • Takes in mouse signals
  • Involves a  pop-up blocker and an integrated RSS reader
  • Authorizes you to set user agent string
  • By and large really configurable and user-friendly

Lunascape deals mainly with Firefox add-ons as well as IE plug-ins. A simple wizard will import your current favorites and add-ons after that you can install further since you wish. Furthermore thus in spite of all these additional features, Lunascape yet works incredibly vigorous.

The center of the Lunascape program involves a slight in the means of memory or system resources and the browser stayed as smart and receptive all through the entire trials we had on it.


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